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You may be wondering “what is digital marketing, really?” Fundamentally Digital Marketing focuses on the tools used to drive consumers to your product or service. Things like web design, social media marketing & search engine optimization provide the foundational elements. However, before organizations jump right into the tactics used to digitally market their product or service, taking an empathy based approach to understanding the customer, consumer or user is key.

Therefore, organizations must focus first on ensuring they have achieved product market fit for their product or service. When this has been understood through engagement with the consumer, teams can shift focus toward a Hypothesis Driven Marketing model. Teams create “experiments” which focus on the perceived customer value, while defining target metrics to judge wins vs learnings. Through execution and observation, smalls shifts are continuously made by leveraging digital marketing tools to better connect with their customers, consumers or users.

Topics of Conversation

Topics revolving around web development, search (SEO) & Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Delivering to the customer through Value driven decision making, validated learning, & transparency.

Dare to Change Conference
Kota Kinabalu Malaysia
April 25th & 26th

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