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What's Digital Marketing? What's Agile practice?

You may be wondering “what is digital marketing, really?”  Well it can be difficult to answer that question because it really is not just one thing!  But to boil it all down, there are three key elements:  web, search & social.  And leveraging each of these elements to create a cohesive brand message is more important now than ever.  The days of a company simply providing the best product or service does not meet the demands of our global digital economy. 

So what is Agile practice then?  Well Agile is a mindset, not a process.  When leveraged by your team it creates a value driven approach to decision making.  It creates transparency with your customer.  And puts your team on a path of validated learning.  Leveraging these principles often creates a living, breathing digital journey, offering the advantage your organization needs now more than ever.

Topics of Conversation

Value driven decision making, validated learning, & transparency.

Topics revolving around web development, search (SEO) & Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Dare to Change Conference
Kota Kinabalu Malaysia
April 25th & 26th

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