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Michael Rauch - MBA, PSM I, PMI-ACP, PMP

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All the way back in 2004 while I was at Ball State University, I had a friend reach out about creating a website for his decking business in my hometown of Fort Wayne. I had been working on our Ball State club hockey team’s website for a couple years at that point, coding directly to HTML in Notepad editor and loading it to GeoSites! So with my fresh web development knowledge and skill, I created that first site for him on Microsoft FrontPage, and cringe now when I think about it (from a technical standpoint that is)…but it was a start!

Over the next couple years, I created more websites for small businesses, friends and family, even my men’s league hockey team (Go BEER ME!!!).  Frontpage started as an engaging way to see designs come to life. However, I quickly found its limitations, so I began learning PHP, Flash (yes it was a big thing at the time) and a robust usage of HTML & CSS.  After rounding out my skills by learning MySQL, JavaScript & numerous CMS platforms, I’ve continued to develop websites and digital marketing campaigns for the past 18 years.

These days consumers only seem to be using the web more and more. I see this in my daily activities which center around managing agile development teams focused on web based software.  Then by night my time is spent helping business develop their web based branding, via their website, search optimization and social media marketing.

I also take time to jot my thoughts down so I can share my ideas and experiences in the blog section of this website.  The topics I focus on are anything from website development to Agile practice. All of which come directly from my experiences throughout my career.  It is my hope that through these outlets, I am able to help organizations and companies grow, one project at a time.

Well there is the background and with that, think about what your organization needs help with.  Do you have an outdated website, or maybe not one at all?  Do you have a social media presence that needs to take the next step? Or are you looking to move toward an Agile development model?  If you are answering yes to any of these, open up the dialog today about how you can take a hypothesis driven marketing approach toward growth!

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