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What is Agile?

Individuals and interactions.  Working software. Customer collaboration.  Responding to change. What do all of these have in common, at their root?  

Value driven decision making, validated learning, & transparency.

Agile can’t simply be looked at as a process to implement.  Rather, to reap the true lasting benefits it must be utilized as a shift in mindset. It must change the way teams organize and operate.   ​

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Rauch Digital - Hypothesis Driven Marketing
Agile Practice

Hypothesis Driven Marketing takes its roots from Agile practices, The Lean Startup, Design Thinking & Growth Hacking creating a way for teams to test & learn toward growth for their product or service.

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Michael Rauch

Scrum Master by day, digital marketer by night.  My hope is that I can share my experiences and give readers a different perspective on the topics I cover.  I am constantly learning and trying to improve, so come along for the journey!


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