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Spanning 17 years…

Over 50 projects launched

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Ryan Ripley & Co.

Ryan Ripley & Co. produces one of the top ranked Agile podcasts – Agile for Humans.  Their site was originally created for the purpose of showcasing the podcast.  However recently they began shifting focus to include training offerings, consulting services, & speaking engagements.  This required a restructuring of the site.  We launched the new site in April of 2019, and have multiple minor and a few large improvements planned!

RG Hockey came with a need to refresh their web presense after their re-branding.  So what did that mean?  A new website, an ecommerce solution, an appointment scheduling application, and a custom apparel ordering application.

BCB Mechanical was in need of a brand identity when their company was formed in early 2018, but all they had was a company name.  So we created a logo, brand guidelines, & promotional products.  Most recently we launched their website, as well as executed both organic and paid social media marketing campaigns to develop their brand presence.  

Smoked Q

Smoked Q is a blog focused on the BBQ and meat smoking enthusiast.  New recipes & reviews are shared once a week.  This has been a fund project to showcase some creativity while providing great content for those seeking information.  

Simply Decks & Stuff

Simply Decks & Stuff was the first customer of Rauch Digital Marketing (formerly rT) all the way back in 2004.  As their business continues to grow, we have decided to take their online presence to the next level.  We are early in planning, targeting a new site launch in spring 2019.

Coming Spring 2019

Simpy Decks and Stuff Logo

ACB General Contractors came with a need in 2014 to create a single page website for project bidding purposes.  Since the original launch, their site has been updated to a responsive design.  


Castum is a new venture focused on the additive manufacturing market.  However as they prepared to launch their brand, they needed everything from logo to digital presence.  Their site is currently under development, slated for a launch before the end of 2019.   

Art Strabbing Golf Outing Logo

Strabbing Golf Outing

The Art Strabbing Multi-Mulligan Golf Classic is an annual family golf outing created to remember and celebrate the lives of Art, Tim, & Tom Strabbing.  The outing began in 1989 and has happened annually ever since!

Democratizing strategy.  That best describes what Viewken is focused on.  While the product is still under development, the brand and web presence have been established for anyone looking for more information

This group was formed, one summer day in a parking lot after a hockey game.  Over the next 10+ years to follow it has created many memories, and life long friendships.  While today’s website only captures a few of the symbols of the past, it stands as a small testament to those past times spent making memories that last a lifetime.

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